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Our Responsive Web Design Services in UK are recommended for Ecommerce Websites

Mar 24, 2014 By admin & filed under SEO.
Our Responsive Web Design Services in UK are recommended for Ecommerce Websites

To understand the concept of responsive web design, think of the molecular nature of water. The water simply takes the shape of any utensil it is poured in – be it a solid rectangular box or a cylindrical glass.Responsive Web Designs likewise fit into any kind of screen it is opened in – be it the screen of an oversized monitor or a little 4-inch smartphone.

The idea of responsive web design has become instantly popular among ecommerce websites. It is because of the increased viewership via smartphones and tablets that has led web developers to create such designs that easily fits screen of varying sizes – big or small. The benefits ecommerce websites have by employing responsive website techniques to their portals is to make user-experience smoother and easier, irrespective of the type of device he is using. It ensures the businesses to expand their reachability to a wider set of customer base.

Other than flexibility, some of the other benefits of employing RWD on your ecommerce websites are:

  • User-friendliness: These websites are lighter, and are easier to navigate. Using these websites, the business features are easily found – saving time and data of the users.
  • Cost-effective: Designers and developers does not have to create altogether different websites for different devices. On the contrary, they can simply have to apply the modern RWD technique to make sure that one website fits all the screens, thus cutting down the costs eventually.
  • Easy Maintenance: The new technology simply adapts the text and images used on such websites.It opens up a better scope for the timely maintenance of the website, thus also saving time and money.
  • Increases Customer Base: The RWD websites are fast, offers easy navigation and keeps the essence of the website’s usability; thus, reducing the bounce back rate of the visitors to almost 50% and increasing the probability of forming a potential customer base.

We, at Digital Jockies, are equipped with a team of top notch professionals that work towards offering you the best responsive web design services in UK. Our team of proficient designers and developers deeply understands the methods to put life into your ecommerce websites. They make sure your business sales increases extensively by their highly impeccable and flexible responsive web designing expertise. This mobile generation requires it, and you deserve it.

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Why Hiring a Professional SEO Company in UK is better for Your Local Online Business?

Mar 24, 2014 By admin & filed under SEO.
Why Hiring a Professional SEO Company in UK is better for Your Local Online Business?

It is quite frustrating to see all your hard work melting down despite the utmost efforts you put. Online businesses today face the same frustration when their websites hardly signify any good results. No matter if your services are of the greatest standards and have the potential to break your competitors’ businesses, but it is indeed better marketing that does most of the job to create sales.

In terms of the Internet, your business tastes success only when your website is blessed with a large amount of traffic, which somehow is directly proportional to your sales. Users today search most of the businesses on the major search engines like Google and Bing. The businesses listed on the top pages create an instant trust – and connection – with the user, hence creating the chance of converting him into a customer eventually.

Thus, the real trick at the end is to make your business visible to your potential customer base using the most accessible Internet platforms like Google – an aim which can be only achieved by employing an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

An effective SEO plan is focused on employing the best white hat techniques to improve your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines. This Off-Site SEO approach makes sure to make your business visible on top Google pages, bringing better traffic eventually. Meanwhile, another avatar of SEO – On-Site – is focused on impressing customers with the overall layout of your business website, which is done by presenting him attractive web designs, catchy content, and a dozen other things. Once the visitor is impressed enough with your services, he is your potential customer.

The better results via SEO however can be achieved with a step-by-step approach. As the most renowned SEO Company in UK, we believe in targeting the local population first. One of the major reasons for doing local SEO is its high success levels in the local market. For instance, if you are a company based in UK selling aromatic candles, the users living in UK would be likely to search the aromatic candles in UK, rather than in the US or India.

Our approach is to beat competition first on local levels, while also branding your business correspondingly. And when the business starts to achieve positive results, we expand its territory by employing new marketing techniques, only with your consent.

So whether you are planning to launch a new online business, or just need to expand your existing business on the Internet, hiring a professional SEO Company in UK – like us – is indeed a great idea.

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