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Services of a Professional Web Design and Web Development Company UK

Apr 27, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under Website Design and Development.

A reliable web design and web development company UK can make a significant difference between a successful online presence and failure. For that reason, enterprises take time to identify a trusted web design and development service that can help them achieve their online objectives, including reaching out to an expansive market area and hitting higher sales.

Qualities of a good functional website


At the end of the day, a website can only meet its objectives if its visitors encounter no difficulties using it. Web design and development techniques have made it far easier to come up with sites that have easy navigation and are straight forward. For instance, it should be easy for a visitor to locate links easily and move around a website.

Techniques such as infinite scrolling, which apply well in some sites, can also enhance the user experience significantly, especially where visitors need to access updates coming in real-time.

Search Engine Optimization

As article writers focus on delivery of SEO content to promote a website online, search engine optimized pages complement the efforts. Thus, web developers come up with link structures that are friendly to search-engine robots for indexing purposes. Tiny details such as use of key word optimized alt tags for images can go along way into enhancing the search engine visibility of a website.

Lean Coding

A website need not be laden with complicated blocks of codes to offer desired functionality. That’s why designers come up with lean coding techniques to make a site as ‘light’ as practically possible. This is essential because it makes web pages faster to load, an essential factor in the boosting of traffic and conversion rates.

It has been shown that many search-engine users click on more than one link on the results page, meaning that they’re more likely to focus on the link that will load faster and ignore the rest. Thus, a site needs to load very quickly to survive this level of competition for traffic.


A business website serves functional, promotional and aesthetic purposes. But the site needs to project a unique image for the business, much the same way a business logo does.

Custom Design

A successful business never accepts a one-size-fits-all solution, because it does nothing to address specific and unique concerns. A good design develops a blueprint that captures unique aspects of business processes, vision and mission, and then portrays these in the final implementation. Equally important, a website must address concerns of its targeted market, meaning that developers take time to understand the market before crafting a solution.

There are a many types of website that can support enterprises, from e-commerce stores to social media sites. All these need to be easy to use, quick to load, custom-made and unique.

You can also contact us for professional website design and development at affordable price at Digital Jockies.

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Enhancing Web Presence with the Best SEO Company UK Offers

Apr 25, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under SEO.
Enhancing Web Presence with the Best SEO Company UK Offers

Today, the internet provides a destination where top brands pitch camps to get noticed. However, a meaningful web presence is achieved only with what the best SEO Company UK has got to offer. See, having a website is one thing, but ensuring your business reaches out to its intended audience or market is quite a different matter altogether. That’s why leading businesses emphasize on professional SEO services as they seek to stamp their authority online.

Benefits of professional SEO

Enhanced Search Engine Visibility: Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to boost search engine rankings of a business site. It makes it easy and convenient for potential customers to reach a business that offers what they’re looking for online, without having prior knowledge of its existence or web address.

In other words, SEO gives meaning to a business’ online existence by expanding its internet visibility.

Return on Investment: Businesses inject substantial resources towards the design and development of websites to promote their activities online. But the best SEO Company UK ensures the investment is recouped. This is because SEO brings more traffic to a business website, enhancing conversion rates.

Targeted Market

One of the strongest components of SEO is keyword-based writing, which helps yield targeted traffic to a business website. With SEO article writing, professional writers come up with search-engine optimized content that provides information that potential customers are seeking. It’s a value-adding internet marketing campaign that enhances the chances of visitors buying, because it provides correct answers to questions asked via search engines such as Google.


A well planned and comprehensive SEO marketing campaign must incorporate ways to gauge performance against set targets. It’s the only way businesses can tell if their marketing efforts are reaping fruits in the end. That’s why the best SEO firms employ analytical tools to measure how much traffic is coming to a targeted business site. It tells where the traffic is coming from and also determines how many visitors end up buying.


The cost of popularizing a brand through conventional channels such as TV and newspapers can be costly for both medium-sized start-ups and big businesses. What’s worse, such techniques are difficult to narrow down their reach to only the audience interested in a particular product. However, the best SEO Company UK offers an affordable and organic way to only address a specific audience, ensuring that traffic that ends up at a business site is most certainly interested in buying the products on offer.


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Why You Should Access Pay Per Click Management Services in UK

Apr 16, 2014 By admin & filed under SEO.
Why You Should Access Pay Per Click Management Services in UK

The main objective of Pay per Click Management is to attract targeted visitors to your website. It is although a completely different technique to promote online businesses if one takes SEO and SEM standards in context. Unlike them, PPC involves a unique procedure in which the owner pays a certain fee each time a visitor clicks on its ad and enters its website.

This allows website owners to manage their marketing resources more effectively, while becoming more visible to audiences. One of the main advantages of PPC links is to provide detailed information on customers to users. Sponsored Links give users the opportunity to test offers and messages quickly and cheaply.
The major search engines make it easy for anyone to set up a sponsored link program that offers quality tools for keyword selection and also the beneficial tips on writing content for target advertisements. Google, the leading search engine worldwide, particularly provides a dense and free online training program for its customers. However, the internal management sponsored links is not always the best option.
Managing multiple paid search campaigns across a range of platforms may take a lot of your time. Digital Jockies provide you the best Pay per Click management services in UK, which is a cost effective alternative to in-house management. Just determine your budget and our experts manage your advertising campaigns to get the maximum visibility and clicks.
We create an AdWords account with a session and a customer password. Customers can access and garner control over their account to receive updates and review the performance of their AdWords campaigns.

An Overview of Our Services

A) Basic:

  • SEO reports;
  • Consultation Strategy / Reports initial requirements;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • Tracking codes / consultation implementation;
  • Troubleshooting;
  • Advanced Search keyword;
  • Effective strategy;
  • Campaigns, keywords, ad copy, landing pages, etc.
  • Account setup and implementation of the approved strategy.

B) The monthly management:

  • Optimizing keywords;
  • Bid Management Strategy;
  • Tracking clicks, conversions and activity of click fraud;
  • Development and testing of Creative Ads;
  • Day Parting;
  • Geographic targeting;
  • Support other forms of marketing (Social/Traditional)

C) Analysis/Reports:

  • Personalized monthly analysis/information/manageable recommendations;
  • Weekly, monthly meetings, according to the customer's needs.

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Our Content Writing Solutions in UK is more than just Web Content Writing

Apr 16, 2014 By admin & filed under SEO.
Our Content Writing Solutions in UK is more than just Web Content Writing

At Digital Jockies, we believe our content writing solutions in UK to be different than our competitors; simply because our expertise doesn’t just depend on writing on web pages, but we also focus on writing ad-content and editorials to bring maximum hits to your posts. Read below to know more:

On the internet, your readers do not read the same way as they read on paper. Reading is 25% slower on the screen than on paper. In this article we will discuss the main points to write effective content for websites such that it engages users into buying your services or products.


As generally observed, users are likely to be impressed with your content just by looking at its headline. Thus, a copy-ad must have enough meat to charm your readers into reading the whole article/PR.

Also to encourage the user, your title should be simple, concise and catchy. Within a few seconds, your title should address and arouse the curiosity of your readers.

Also avoid the titles that are too "boat" and too generic. The user scans the content, it will stop on a particular word, an attractive term incentive to choose your site over another.


To hook the impatient readers, the content should be structured interestingly in an inverted pyramid style. This technique allows to present key information from the beginning. Once you have set the plot, we can go into detail supporting his remarks, giving further examples that does a complete justification to your title and first paragraph.

Always try to respond to 5Ws (Where, What, Who, Why, When). It is not all the time necessary to answer these 5 questions, but it is always good to ask questions before you start writing a page.


The information and editorial style must be consistent across all pages of a website. You will use the same wording, the same labels menus from one page to another. The user should not rediscover your site whenever it changes page.

In general, avoid pompous and bombastic styles. The user picks up information as soon as possible. He is not simply there to enjoy a styling exercise (unless you have a poetry blog).
Feel free to use short sentences. Also avoid passive forms and long sentences with multiple subordinating conjunctions.

Do not forget to proofread your text before publication. Mistakes in English or spelling can tarnish your brand image.


If you wish to see your visitors clicking on your links, they should be encouraged to click using explicit labels. When it comes to promotional links (ad words, links to a sales page), use an action verb in the present to make the user.

The user likes to know where it goes. In most cases, when the user does not know where he goes, he simply does not click.

Using labels explicit links will inform the user about the page he will land on. Furthermore, using anchors with keywords is also good for your SEO.

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