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How a Content Marketing Agency Can Add Value

May 28, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under content writing solutions.

The world is still in a highly evolving information age, with the internet playing a major role as a provider of answers to questions that many people are asking. For businesses, the thirst for information provides an opportunity to hook potential customers to specific brands. Your business can take advantage of the services of a content marketing agency to avail help in the creation and provision of value-adding material to potential customers.

Attractive content: An effective content marketing strategy must take into account audience expectations. It involves figuring out the kind of material that can attract readers and keep them looking for more. Thus, if you can deliver compelling information on your site, more visitors will want to read it and at the end of the day your site will build a higher search engine reputation based on traffic.

Keywords: While information provided on a website can be beneficial on its own, use of keywords exposes it to a much wider audience that you might realize. Search algorithms do take into account the type of content that’s on a page before linking it to a specific set or range of user search terms. It follows that; there are certain terms or phrases that users type into search boxes on Google, Bing or Yahoo etc when looking for answers. Such terms are called keywords and must be reflected in the content appearing on your business site, blog or article directories. This improves chances of links to pages of your website featuring prominently in search results.

Relevance: Relevance is not just a formality when it comes to SEO, and this is a matter a content marketing agency must consider seriously. For instance, if you’re selling medical equipment, the basic principle of relevance dictates that you provide information that addresses that particular topic. This is a sure way to enhance conversion rates, since visitors who find what they want in your content are more likely to buy the product being marketed.

In the same vein, keyword relevance must also be considered. For once, search engines such as Google are known to blacklist websites that try to ‘cheat’ their way into higher rankings by inappropriate use of keywords. Such practice may involve deployment of keywords out of context in a manner that does not make sense to a human reader. No brand that seeks to attain authority online tries to trick visitors into finding its web pages.

Uniqueness: Chances are that you put up an online business after identifying a need that had not been satisfied before or because you have a unique product or service. Common sense dictates that you approach your potential customers in a unique way, giving the “all-size-fits-all” marketing model approach a wide-berth. Thus, research well on the type of content to deliver to your site to make it distinct and meaningful.

Write Aggressively: The content marketing agency you engage should deliver articles in abundance. The service should include highly informative onsite content, blog content and articles for distribution to directories. These articles should be updated on regular basis to remain relevant.

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Best Informative Design Company in UK

May 6, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under Infographic Design.

Every picture tells you a story, they say, but wouldn’t a clever and appealing combination of text and pictures be an ideal mix for your webpage when a majority of the traffic is hard to hold with just text. How about a webpage that at once depicts the entire story with minimal efforts by the viewer? That’s where Info graphics come into action. They offer a webpage with best infographic design in UK and around the globe that speaks for itself and engages the user to a far greater degree.

With the dusk of Web1.0 to dawn of Web2.0, the very playground of internet marketing has undergone a massive change. What earlier used to be an alternate for conventional business, today, Web presence has become inevitable for any business’s marketing repertoire. With this change, there arose the need of newer methods to attract and engage traffic as very often we find websites just not enough informative or just boring. Luckily for the users, there will always be some other website better than these, and would exploit business.

Infographics aka Data Visualization strives to create data that can be seen rather than read. Moreover, this visualization must not be left at the sake of interpretation, but provide universal conclusion for all users. In laymen terms, infographic is not world apart from the charts and graphs we use in MS-Office. But with Web2.0, it has definitely gone beyond that definition and requires the design to be an Eye-Candy.

Companies around the world use Infographics to build their brands, educate their audience and ultimately, optimize their search engine rankings through link-building. Due to this very reason, the knowledge of the best infographic design in UK or for that matter anywhere in the world is a must, and the pitfalls of avoiding an interactive infographic design could well mean landing a big client and losing them entirely. Some major activities included in this optimization being Engaging users, providing statistics, getting backlinks and social media marketing etc.

All good till now, but why should one hire someone for this work and not try it himself. The answer to this is analogous to photography, having a camera application on your smartphone doesn’t mean your expertise with photography. Therefore refrain from the notion that you can improvise anything together and call it an engaging infographic design. To take you through a brief view of the Infographic design process, the prominent considerations are Flow, colors, data, text, animation and most important their synchronization.

Each and every step in the above schedule when performed with experience accentuated expertise, comes out with something really catchy and informative. Iterations of improvement from here, ensure the universal similarity of the conclusion and negate any possible misinterpretation.

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Finding a good and affordable SEO company in UK

May 4, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under SEO.

Concerned about the success and visibility of your website? How to boost the number of visits as ultimately this itself will convert into revenue? SEO is definitely one solution to all these worries and here are some other inputs that one may find useful while venturing into the Web for business and selecting among the most affordable SEO companies in UK.

Aligning oneself exactly as per the requirements of the focused customer segment being the priority of this service, the difference among the various providers comes in how effectively and quickly are the results visible and how deep do they dig your pocket. It is often found to be a tradeoff for companies to hire an SEO firm or not as the profits they expect to reap are consumed to pay for the service itself. Doesn’t sound very 21st century-ish!!

As such a service that delivers ideal results without costing too much and eating up the profits itself is often the best mix companies look for. What becomes a valid question here is why the SEO companies charge hefty amounts and how to find an affordable SEO company in UK? Before answering the question, I must iterate here that this (Web) is a fairly new domain as compared to traditional ones and customers are still getting used to this.

The answer to this issue comes from Pricing Strategies. Companies fresh into the business exploit the first mover advantage often and go for Skimming pricing policy. They reap out the maximum offer available due to sheer lack of alternatives to their product/service. Then the competitors pop in and the exclusivity goes for a toss and the Penetration policy comes into action where newer firms offer cheaper and better quality. The process resonates within the market until the ideal level of Competitive pricing is achieved and firms now no longer play with pricing but with dimensions to the product.

Apparently, SEO business is gradually maturing into the ideal phase and now the sole differentiating factor is the quality of service (at reasonable) but ironically some firms still continue with that notion of skimming and not working enough on the evolution of the business as a whole. They are still stuck with the initial product portfolio while now services such as:

  • Website Consultation
  • On-Page Optimization Metrics
  • Off-Page Optimization Metrics
  • Creating the SEO Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Campaign Monitoring

Are already governing the latest trends in the SEO business. What becomes imperative here is the fact that the plethora of services which have gradually evolved are turning the entire SEO business around from what it had been earlier. From just making the content friendly towards users and search aligned, today it has reached to definitive analysis levels of Google algorithms and Virtual Assistant Searches.

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