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Hiring a Responsive Web Design Company for Excellent Results

Jun 21, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under Responsive Web Design.

The websites have gone through tremendous changes over the one decade and more and now the demand for responsive web design (RWD) has gone up. According to Wikipedia definition, responsive web designing is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience.

The easy viewing experience includes easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices like mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. Thus, it depends a lot on a responsive web design company to bring a website that meets all the above mentioned requirements and features.

Nonetheless, a site designed with responsive web design in mind adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images, and CSS3 media queries. Your web designing company will use every tool available for web designing to make it responsive. Though it is challenging, it has become a must for successful online business.

As the users are now accessing websites on their smart phones, the websites must be designed and developed to meet their requirements. A responsive web designing company understands this challenge creates a catalog of multi-device layout patterns that are optimized for mobile devices to a great extent.

Responsive Website Brings Traffic and Business

To make websites responsive, designers use server-side "dynamic CSS" implementation of style sheet languages like Sass or Incentivated's MML which according to them can be part of such an approach by accessing a server based API which handles the device like mobile handset and others.

The increasing number of mobile phone users and trend among them to access websites on their phones is an opportunity as well as a challenge for businesses. The companies that are optimizing their websites and make them responsive are gaining an edge over the ones that are late in adapting the technology.

With millions of websites around, the only chance for your website now is to make it responsive and attractive and for that you need to hire the services of responsive web Design Company. You can ask for their earlier work to judge whether they have real caliber.

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Hiring top 10 Ranking Services in UK Provider

Jun 19, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under SEO.

When you are looking for success in online business, the first question comes in your mind is whether your business will get plenty of footfalls. Though this is quite tough question to answer as there are not one but thousands of businesses like yours that too are trying to do the same thing that you are doing, it is quite useful to do what you should do i.e. SEO.

In search engine optimization it is a strategy that matters to a great extent. Planning, execution and waiting for some time for results i.e. ranking. The same thing is applicable when you are looking for top 10 ranking services in UK for you cannot get results overnight. You need to have the right strategy and white hat SEO and ample patience.

Some Fundamentals You Need to Keep in Mind

Higher the SEO Company in UK that provides assured results, even if it says it cannot guarantee you ranking in six month or a year, it must assure you about white hat SEO work. Never hire a company that assures you for ranking doing black hat; it will not just ruin your chances of ranking higher but also get you banned.

What you need to do is have excellent content on your website, slow and steady link building and added advantage of social media marketing. Link building is what has been the hallmark of search engine optimization for ages now and even today it is quite relevant. However, a lot has changed here in the last couple of years.

Earlier, link building meant generating low quality content and publishing it, pasting it at various link sites i.e. content farms. However, now that Google has penalized content farm sites, there is no scope for spam content, you should look for great content in venues where it makes sense i.e. if it is truly great, it will get visibility through social media mentions.

As Google's Matt Cuts says that great content does not need SEO, the focus should be on it. However, at the same time the old yet useful practices like planning your site for topical expertise, organizing it in a well-siloed, easy to navigate structure, etc. are important as well.

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Crafting an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

Jun 16, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under Social Media Marketing.

Many businesses today have already set up a thriving social media profile. However, not all are getting the attention or response they’re targeting. Thus, crafting a good social media marketing plan defines the difference between failure and a successful promotion of a brand via platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

  • Involving the Entire Organization: A social media marketing plan should involve all players in an organization. Thus, an organization establishes a cross-functional team to help create and operate a successful social media strategy.
  • Understanding the Audience: Successful social media marketing must take into account the targeted audience. This necessitates the carrying out of a comprehensive analysis of an audience to determine its demographics and psychographic attributes. It’s essential to address the concerns and interests of the audience social media marketing targets.
  • Determine Objectives: A strategy needs to take into account what a business is trying to accomplish with its targeted audience. Is the goal of a social media campaign to increase brand awareness, boost daily turnover, damage control, attract new customers or maintain loyalty? A decision should be reached before social media marketing plan is finalized.
  • Feedback: One major advantage of social media over other modes of communication such as letters, mail, radio, TV and even newspapers, is that businesses are able to use it to engage customers directly. In the same way, potential customers are able to deal directly with manufacturers, suppliers or retailers without having to go through middlemen.

Thus, businesses should take advantage of the openness of this type of a communication channel to gather and evaluate what customers are saying about products or brands. Such organizations take time to evaluate feedback availed via social media to improve on quality and delivery. They also use social media platforms to reassure their clients of commitment to quality.

  • Measuring Performance: A social media marketing campaign must incorporate features to measure effectiveness of all efforts. Marketers must be able to use metrics to determine whether or not efforts are making a difference. Factors such as sharing, comments, posts, tweets, retweets, and followers components constitute key metrics for performance analysis?

Social media marketers come up with a schedule for performance analysis to determine what specific efforts are achieving within specified durations such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. Success metrics can help determine what areas need improvement as well as the ones that meet set targets.

  • Uniqueness: Since social media is already crowded, a business will get noticed only if it can project a distinct image while there. It’s not necessary that a business delivers an entirely new product to receive special attention. Successful social media marketers can think of unique attributes that a product or service offers and craft a commensurate image online. Uniqueness could stem from after-sale service, speed of delivery, innovation, customer service, openness etc.

A successful social media marketing plan must take into account a range of factors to help promote a brand online. Most importantly, such efforts need to address interests of targeted audiences.

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Why Should You Focus on Pay-per-click Marketing to Driving Traffic to Your Website?

Jun 8, 2014 By digitaljockiesblog & filed under PPC.

Pay-per-click or PPC is an internet marketing technique that’s been utilized for a long time to enhance flow of traffic to business websites. The paid advertising has numerous techniques over organic search engine optimization, although it can be deployed to supplement the latter.

Small initial capital input

PPC programs such as Google’s AdWords don’t charge anything upfront to allow marketers to set up accounts. In fact, you won’t be charged for placing an advertisement. Just as the name PPC suggests, you pay for every click on your advertisement. It’s more like being able to join a weight-loss program and not being charged for participation but every progress you make.

Budget Management

PPC marketing managers have control over the budget that goes into the campaign. It’s an efficient way to popularize a business website online, as spending can be aligned to sales goals with high precision. Still, your budget can be tweaked to yield targeted traffic based on specified locations, at predetermined times and for selected user search terms or keywords. In short, a Pay-per-Click campaign ensures you get the traffic you’re looking for at almost the costs you budgeted for.

Beating Competition

With Pay-per-Click advertising, only your budget is the limit, regardless of the size of your business. You’ll get the same exposure as giant competitors, with PPC.

Speed of Results-Delivery

Provided you carry out your keyword research well, PPC is quicker than organic SEO in delivery of results. PPC advertisements deploy quickly, bringing in the intended traffic and relevant leads to your business site. At the end of the day, conversion rates and sales target are hit quicker with this method.

Performance Tracking

For any internet marketing campaign to function optimally, it should be possible to track progress while measuring performance against time and set targets. With PPC, you can accomplish tracking on real-time basis. This is possible through analytics techniques that help monitor performance of parameters such as daily budgets, keywords and phrases. For example, you can tell which keywords are bringing specific traffic and even go ahead to work out associated conversion rates.

Real-time tracking is very essential for PPC as it’s one of the features that make it possible to optimize budgets as well as other efforts. In case certain PPC parameters such as keywords, location, or the maximum/minimum budget are not yielding required results, you can quickly make correctional adjustments.

Wide Coverage

Major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo have a nationwide reach, especially considering the fact that they each boast an extensive network of affiliates. Thus, deploying PPC ads is guaranteed to help you reach out to every single location you might be targeting.

Taking Advantage of Local SEO

If you run a local business that targets the local market, Per-per-Click can help with your sales objectives. Reliable PPC managers can help craft a solution that solely targets the local population, ensuring your ads message is delivered to the right audience.

Just ensure to engage a PPC firm that guarantees good results and performance tracking.

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