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“Because the journey starts from home only.” At Digital Jockies, we believe that a business has the best chance to make extensive returns if it mostly focuses on its local market. Therefore, we employ the best SEO techniques to magnetise enormous traffic towards your business website. Our goal at Digital Jockies is to attract local users into opting you as their specialist service provider via using premises such as Google Places and Maps.

What is Local SEO?

Every day people look for products and services online. Part of this research is very specific and related to the place where the user is located. For this reason it is essential for any business to oversee local searches.

Local SEO, or Local Search Engine Optimization, is a widely adopted onsite and offsite technique that is intended to increase the business visibility on the search engines – mostly Google – for geo-localised searches. A Geo-Localised search refers to the kind of keywords a user enters, which include the services alongside the location at which the user needs to find the services.

For example, “Best Chinese Restaurant in UK”. When a user performs a search of such kind, Google prefers not only to show the links of the best Chinese Restaurants in UK, but it also shows a special map box that specifies the locations at where the restaurants are located.

How Digital Jockies Assist You in Optimising Your Local SEO?

We employ the most professional and experienced team of SEO and PPC experts who create the best strategy to maximise your business’s presence locally. Our services include:

  • SEO Strategising and Implementation based on competition and current business reach
  • Creation of responsive and mobile version websites
  • Optimisation of rich snippets Site
  • Creation/optimisation of cards Google Places and Google Plus Local
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn)
  • Inclusion in local directories or portals
  • Support for the Local Content Creation
  • Strategies and advice to get Quotes, Comments and Reviews positive network
  • Support for blogs and website content management in optical Local
  • Google AdWords advertising geo-located campaigns
  • Strategic advice to support

The local services are aimed in particular at:

  • tourist facilities (hotels, resorts, campgrounds, cottages …)
  • transport (car rental, taxi …)
  • restaurant business
  • franchise
  • chains of shops and stores
  • professional studies
  • companies that operate in local contexts
  • artisans


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