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“Because the journey starts from home only”. We at Digital Jockies believe it when we start working on your Internet marketing campaigns in a quest to make them the biggest online brands. With local SEO, our aim is to target the geographical keywords i.e. the most entered search queries relative to your services and the area in which you provide them.

The reason of Targeting local keywords can be understood by first understanding the psyche of a user. Suppose, he lives in London and needs to buy medical insurance for his family so in general the keyword he will enter will probably be “FAMILY MEDICAL INSURANCE LONDON”. The use of the word “LONDON” simply narrows down the search to provide more specific results and presents the topmost companies that are offering family medical insurance in London. This is when your company, irrespective of its sector, makes its presence felt right at home.

How Facebook can Influence Local SEO?

We are lucky to be living in a world where our available locations for promoting and selling products have been more than just bazaars. We at Digital Jockies are an innovative Internet marketing that knows perfectly to utilise the given platforms to promote your businesses.

One of such platform is Facebook. With pun intended, we believe the only people that have not heard of Facebook might be aliens. The social media platform today has garnered enough attention of people of almost every age. With 1.23 billion active users, 945 million mobile users, and 747 million daily users, Facebook has accomplished the status of one of the best Internet marketing platforms.

What We Do?

At Digital Jockies, our team of talented and experienced marketers innovatively counterpoints the concept of Local SEO with Facebook. We employ the best strategies to position and promote your business on this “gold mine” like a social platform. This includes everything from gaining customers’ attention to involving them on your official business pages.

But the only thing that optimistically separates us from our competitors is our avoidance of using sales pitch in such Facebook marketing campaigns. We never want to brag about your products to these users, because to be truthful, they are using Facebook for interacting with friends, and moreover for only having a good time. The campaigns we design provide them just that with the most creative and interactive posts. It is the prosperity of our local SEO Facebook marketing campaigns that generates the rightest buzz of your online business among users.

Our campaigns take care of the following procedures:

  • Creating an Attractive Social Media Page or Profile
  • Adding Both Local and Foreign Users
  • Updating the Page with All the Latest Business Activity (using specific keywords)
  • Posting Creative and Interactive Posts (Content, Videos, Pictures, etc.)
  • Taking Users’ Views into Consideration

Contact us today to know more about our Local SEO Facebook Marketing Services. Other than skillful, you can expect the most honest and professional team working collaboratively to bring your business the success it deserves.


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